What are fundamental ingredients for environmental literacy and how could these be made accessible to an AI.

Random Forests

Until recently the ability to make sense of the environment was limited to biological beings. Now machines are starting to blur those lines.

This programme investigates the emerging field of environmental machine learning through fieldwork and critical reflection.

FoAM research thread: GroworldHPI > Boskoi > AugmentedEcology > MachineWilderness > RandomForests



Terschelling Session

Fieldwork session #1 @ Imrama Terschelling march 19to23/2018

Scenario: an environmental AI starts to act autonomously
With: Jan de Graaf, Jeroen van Westen, Theun Karelse, Michelle Geraerts, Sjef van Gaalen, Sander Turnhout, Paul Seidler, Tivon Rice


Arts Bioarctica Session

Fieldwork session #2 @ Ars Bioarctica Finland may/2018

Theme: the role of AI in artistic and scientific fieldwork / how artificial agents learn from non-humans
With: Antti Tenetz, Ian Ingram, Shah Selbe, Theun Karelse


NRC debate Kunstmens

Debate @ Pakhuis de Zwijger
march 14/2018

Theme: what light can art and literature shine on new relations between the artificial and the natural
With: Maxim Februari, Hans Schnitzler, Theun Karelse



Fieldwork session #3 @ Dinacon Thailand June 22/2018

Theme: investigating algorithmic companionspecies in relation to non-humans
With: Sjef van Gaalen


Border Sessions AARE lab

Lab @ Border Sessions festival
June 13/2018

Theme: autonomous agents for regenerative ecology
With: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Sjef van Gaalen, Theun Karelse


Wild bits

Fieldwork session #4 @ MAAJAAM Estonia Juli 11to25/2018

Theme: digital natives and non-natives
Incl: Brian House, Antti Laitinen, Paula Vitola, Aivar Tõnso, Timo Toots, Taavi Suisalu, Theun Karelse


Equinix AM3 Walk

Random Forests walk @ Sciencepark October 15/2018

Theme: training-forests for autonomous agents
With: Arita Baaijens, Theun Karelse


Climate as Artifact

Seminar @ Climate as Artifact exhibition
October 21/2018

Theme: environmental literacy
Incl: Semuel Sahureka, Michelle Gerearts, Sjef van Gaalen, Theun Karelse,.. more soon..

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