What are fundamental ingredients for environmental literacy and how could these be made accessible to an AI.

Random Forests

Until recently the ability to make sense of the environment was limited to biological beings. Now machines are starting to blur those lines.

This programme investigates the emerging field of environmental machine learning through fieldwork and critical reflection.

FoAM research thread: GroworldHPI > Boskoi > AugmentedEcology > MachineWilderness > RandomForests



Terschelling Session

Fieldwork session #1 @ Imrama Terschelling march 20to23/2018

With: Jan de Graaf, Jeroen van Westen, Theun Karelse


Arts Bioarctica Session

Fieldwork session #2 @ Ars Bioarctica Finland may/2018

With: Antti Tenetz, Ian Ingram, Shah Selbe, Theun Karelse


NRC debate Kunstmens

Debate @ Pakhuis de Zwijger
march 14/2018

With: Maxim Februari, Hans Schnitzler, Theun Karelse

( more coming soon.. )